The commission based shampoo contracts maximize sales of shampoo in Uganda by using sales people who sign up contracts in many cosmetics related shops and supermarkets, place exhibition displays in every sales outlet. Shops, supermarkets and any other types of sales outlets are managed by phone. They pay sales money to company account upon every sale. Every month, the contract and inventory balances must be adjusted and paid. Only stable shops with good cash flow must be chosen as sales outlets.

Description of Sales Process

This sales process uses commission based contracts. Products are placed in outlets for free, without charges, without rental and personnel expenses. The shampoo seller company uses established third party sales outlets to display and sell products

  1. One person has to be trained in sales to supermarket and shops. We call that person Communication and Reporting Officer.

  2. Your Ugandan company must be established, you must have office, home, store for shampoos.

  3. You must have UBNS or Ugandan Bureau of National Standards certification for shampoos.

  4. You need to prepare commission based contract to place shampoo for sales in sales outlets all over East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda.

  5. You need to invest in exhibition displays for shampoos which tell about great benefits of the shampoo in local language.

  6. Then sales people may be managed from my main office and they go every day to new shops and sign up more and more contracts, and put more and more shampoos for sales in already established shops.

  7. Shop owners ONLY need to sign the commission contract. THEY GUARANTEE that shampoos once sold in their shop, must be paid to you.

  8. Every shop must have your exhibition display with shampoos.

  9. Every sale must be recorded in the inventory book.

  10. Our sales people will contact shops by phone and verify sales every week, they can collect money or direct people to make payments to bank account.

  11. This way you open maximum number of outlets and spread the sales network.

  12. You can add other products and put them in the same exhibition display.

  13. You can make awards and games for sales outlets, and offer them some products if they sell more shampoos.

  14. You can make awards for buyers and collect their phone numbers, and later market to every phone number your other products automatically.

Sample Exhibition Displays

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Sales Processs Charges

Establishment Fee

  • Establishment stage US $2,000. This money is used to buy computers, phones, to prepare business cards, buy clothes, shoes for the sales people. This is non-refundable establishment service fee.

Monthly Fee

  • Every month there is minimum management charge of US $300. This money is paid only if there is documentary evidence of work, including pictures of exhibition displays placed, receipts, accounting and similar.

  • Sales person monthly salary shall be US $200 per month. Sales commission is paid as award and by decision of Mr. Louis.

  • Sales commission must be paid both to management and sales people. How much sales commission do you offer?

  • All transport expenses, food and water during project work must be paid by the company. We estimate this to be US $150 per month.

Contact Information

Mr. Jean Louis
Business Planner
Phone: +256 (706) 271-008
XMPP Jabber Chat:

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