Company Sales Leads Form

This company sales leads form is used by international RCD Sales Agents to submit new potential clients and customers that are referred to RCD Wealth. RCD Sales Agents are people assigned to complete tasks or working independently for RCD Wealth.

Company Sales Lead Entry

Please complete every possible piece of information that you could find for the company sales lead.

Company Name:

Main website:

Website #2:

Phone #1:

Phone #2:

Phone #3:


E-mail #1:

E-mail #2:

Address Line #1:

Address Line #2:

Postal code (ZIP):

State or Region:




Submitter's Sales Agent E-mail Address:

For any inquiry related to this form, contact:

Mr. Jean Louis
Phone: +256-706-271-008
XMPP or Jabber chat:
Telegram chat: Kampala, Uganda

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