How to introduce new sales leads to RCD Wealth?

How to introduce new sales leads to RCD Wealth?

We often interact with our present contacts who from time to time have somebody who could be doing business with us. In every sales process there are various stages that a new customers passes through before we may come to business. Instruction is available for introducers and intermediaries on how to properly introduce any new person.

Definitions of words

Sales Stages are stages of a sales process that every potential customer passes through. Sales stages are defined and made known to sales team.

Sales Conversion is process of finding new sales leads and bringing the through sales stages until they become customers.

Sales Lead or lead is a potential customer which is so considered by a sales organization.

Sales Prospect or prospect is a qualified sales lead. It means that person is qualified for sale. Such person may have a plan or firm interest or decision to purchase a product or service.

Customer is person who purchased service or a product.

Sales Stages and Sales Conversion Process

Every potential customer passes through sales stages which may be defined in more complex way.

General sales process is such that an anonymous person will start interacting with sales organization in one way or other, maybe somebody introduces sales organization to the person or person arrives through word of mouth, advertising or marketing actions.

As soon as person inquires with organization and such inquiry is related to any service or a product, that person becomes sales lead.

Sales team may further do an interview with person and enlighten person about products and services to the point that it becomes clear that person has strong interest and enough money or plan to find money as potential customer. This sales stage is known as sales prospect.

Once sales prospect purchases service or product, that person becomes customer or buyer, or client.

For better business, such sales stages may be expanded to fit the actual process for specific services or products.

How to introduce new sales leads?

1. Full contact information is required

You as potential introducer or intermediary shall always acquire as full contact information as possible. When obtaining any contact information of any new person, then each sales team member is obliged to obtain full information about that person and report it back to sales organization. Such information may consists of following information:

  1. Full name of the person. Do not just submit us first names, try your best to obtain full name of the person.

  2. How did the person find about us? Find out of person have seen some of our advertising or maybe somebody else introduced this person to sales organization. Also find out the type of communication line how person has contacted us.

  3. Location of the sales lead. Always find out where is the person located and tell to person where you are located.

  4. Title in person’s organization. If person is inquirying for organization, then you should find the title of the person in person’s organization.

  5. Relations to other people. If there are any other people involved who are in contact to sales organization, then obtain such information.

  6. Phone numbers.

  7. Email addresses. Find out if there are any email addresses of a person.

  8. Website, if any.

  9. Business card, if any. Collect business cards whenever posssible.

  10. Description of purposes of inquiry. Obtain description of purposes of inquiry and any other relevant information of a person, such as person’s skills, business and work experiences and other relevant information.

2. Register full contact information with RCD Wealth

In the next step, you should register full contact information with RCD Wealth.

Every person you introduced by any mean to RCD Wealth will be counted under your name as introducer. No matter if we have paid for advertising or marketing expenses, as long as you were involved in advertising of RCD Wealth you are also acknowledged as introducer of sales leads.

Your sales lead registration will be confirmed by RCD Wealth.

3. RCD Wealth follows up with sales lead

In the next step we are following up with the sales lead. We may send a questionnaire, call potential customer or sales lead, send email, SMS or communicate by any means with the sales lead.

You will be informed of personal conversation and you may be assigned tasks to follow up with the sales lead by other means of communication.

4. Proposal of agreements, invoices and payments

Once sales lead is qualified, potential customer becomes sales prospect and we move on with the preparation of agreements, invoices and methods of payments.

You may be asked again to follow up with the sales prospect.

5. Sales Prospect becomes Customer

Once agreement has been signed or accepted by potential customer, invoice issues and service or product paid, sales prospect has become our customer, buyer, client or partner.

6. Commissions are paid to you as introducer

At this point commissions are paid to you as introducer in accordance to specific schedule of fee pertaining to specific services or products.

How to increase sales as introducer?

Recognize the method how you have found that new customer and repeat the method. Scale the advertising and marketing efforts and bring more and more potential sales leads. Register them with us in the database and keep repeating the successful actions that brought sales leads and conversions from sales leads to customer.

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