Methods of Payment Accepted for RCD Wealth™ Services

Methods of Payment for RCD Wealth™ Services

We accept all of the following methods of payments for any purchase of our products and services:

MasterCard, VISA and Paypal

You may pay for our services by using credit cards such as MasterCard, VISA and Paypal over following hyperlink:

Bank wire transfer

Our preferred method of payment is by the bank wire transfer. It is usually the cheapest for our customers and the transaction is done in most secure way. The process takes usually 2-3 days depending of the sender's bank. We can accept payments in any major currencies. Any bank transfer to be sent to us must be on the expense of the sender.

Credit card processing

We will accept VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit cards issued world wide. We always make sure to verify our customer before processing the credit or debit card. All transactions are done through the secure web server forms and your credit card data remains fully encrypted by the highest encryption standards. If you are ordering any of our offshore services please make sure that your credit card data will not compromise your security, confidentiality or your future business. We do not recommend payments by the credit card. Please make a payment by the credit card only if you are a professional providing a service for someone else. Your bank will have the data of the service and it will appear on your bank account statement.

Checks in US dollars

We will accept checks from your bank or some other institutions. Please contact us to get the confirmation. The check clearance will take 20 or more days for international checks, and few days for US checks.

Postal money order

We accept postal money orders only to the US based address. For this type of payment we might charge additional US $15.

We accept Western Union Money Transfer

We accept, if anything else is not possible for you, a direct Western Union Money Transfer. Please contact us for any further informations. There can be additional handling fee.

We accept MoneyGram Money Transfer

We accept also any MoneyGram Money Transfer similarly like the above. It takes us couple of days to process funds and to transfer them to the bank account. There can be an additional handling fee.

We accept mobile money transfers where available

Our agents will accept with mobile money transfers in countries such as Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and others.

We accept cash face to face

We will accept cash face to face.

We accept Bitcoin and crypto-currencies

We will accept Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. Contact us and arrange your transfers with us.

We accept gold and precious metals

Gold and precious metals will be assayed and accepted just as cash.

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