RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction Membership for Banking and Financial Support Services

RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction

RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction

RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction or shortly RGBAI is an unlimited Membership, obtained through one-time payment, which consists of an unlimited support and unlimited help as far as possible from our side, to help you, the member, to obtain one or any number of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, merchant accounts, prepaid bank cards, bank messaging, bank guarantees, letters of credit or any other special service for such financial account or accounts, anywhere in the world.

It includes introductions to genuine international gold deals.

Our service is personalized and customized for the particular customer and the particular purpose.

The service is valid for an individual and physical person and any number of companies belonging or being managed by that individual but it is not transferable to other persons or companies.

This class of Membership has no recurring fees.

Your RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction is obtained by one-time payment.

We offer global bank account services for various types of clients:

Financial accounts assistance

We are specialized in providing financial accounts support services such as bank account opening, brokerage accounts, prepaid bank cards, credit cards, business bank accounts, international global bank accounts and online accounts. Whatever financial needs you have, we may be able to assist you to get the right financial partner.

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