Global Bank Account Introduction

RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction

RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction (RGBAI) is an unlimited Membership, obtained through one-time payment, for assistance to bank accounts, brokerage, prepaid, merchant account and other financial accounts, as provided by our group of companies.

Also known as RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction

This very same service is available only to members, and is also being sold under our different trademark as RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction.

Description of the RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction membership

The RCD™ Global Bank Account Introduction (RGBAI) is an unlimited Membership, obtained through one-time payment, which consists of an unlimited support and unlimited help as far as possible from our side, to help you, the customer, to obtain one or any number of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, merchant accounts or any other special service or requirements for such financial account or accounts, anywhere in the world.

Our service is personalized and customized for the particular customer and the particular purpose.

The service is valid for an individual and natural person and any number of companies belonging or being managed by that individual but it is not transferable to other persons or companies.

This class of membership has no recurring fees.

The membership fee is non-refundable, one-time payment of US $400.

Why do we provide global bank account introduction services?

We are full of banking contacts and we consider that there are great differences between banks and their services. You don't wanna work with bank which will lead you and your finances into the blue ruin.

Throughout the time, since 2002, we have been working with many banks closely and have been assisting our clients which incorporated new companies with us, to obtain quality bank account services.

Out of that assistance, we have acquired important banking connections.

Further, many clients have inquired with us to obtain bank accounts, although they were not our current clients.

Out of the need for assistance for global bank accounts, we have created RCD™ Club which provides efficient services to our members, by providing them with prepaid cards, bank accounts, brokerage and merchant accounts and other financial accounts and assistance for financial transactions.

RCD™ Group has been helping small business entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals for years to obtain bank accounts.

Contact us if you have any questions or need for assistance to obtain one or more bank accounts or other types of financial accounts.

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