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My name is Frank Boateng and I from Ghana, West Africa. My hometown is Akwatia, the largest diamond mining district in Ghana with gold deposits as well. People normally call me Franco. I have worked in the Social Development Division of the Local Government Service under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in Ghana.

I was born into a mining community and so naturally, mining is in my blood, head and heart, well experienced in gold and diamond mining and trading techniques. I acquired mining organisation and control experience from the Ghana Consolidated Diamonds Ltd (now Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Ltd. G.C.D.G.L) between 2005 and 2009. There I worked for 2 years with the Technical Services Unit (T.S.U) and another 2 years with the Tributers Mining Monitoring Team (T.M.MT) TMMT was in charge of organising and monitoring the activities of small scale miners who worked on small concession demarcated to the by the company.

My experiences in gold mining and diamonds

From 2010 2013, I worked as Operations Manager for Nar Narayan Gold Ghana Ltd, but whiles on annual leave in May 2013, the company was duped by gold scammers which collapsed our operations entirely. This ignited my passion to fight gold scammers and therefore created fraud fighting and awareness pages, blogs and websites all across the internet where I assisted, advised and help people to understand how scammer operate. I have saved close to One Thousand (1,000) people from potential scammers and helped some get justice by assisting the Ghana Police Service with details and evidence against some of the scammers.

Exactly this activity of fraud fighting have drawn attention of Mr. Louis, and his company GOLDIVANTI LP and then I received and email from GOLDIVANTI LP in January 2014. Introducing me to how to Start My Own Gold Mine. Naturally, I felt at home and immediately recognised I have met the long awaited partner I needed. Obviously, everything Mr. Jean Louis wrote in that and subsequent emails was just refreshing to read, not because I was getting gold right there, but, I knew it was accurate, true and a huge potential for financial freedom. I unfortunately didn’t have the money required to enrol so I said to myself; “this is my habitat, if I cannot buy the subscription, I must be a part of the team” so I called Mr. Louis on phone to introduce myself and after a brief conversation, he knew I could be on the team, but, he needed to find out so he gave me a research assignment on gold mining in Ghana across all mining regions and to cover major cities and landmarks.

I delivered some good quality job, confirming my credentials as an experienced miner. For Eastern Region, I covered Akwatia, Kade, Kobiriso, Akanteng, Anyinam, Asiakwa and Segtemaase.

How I joined the Master Mind Alliance to become rich

I decided to become rich, in fact, to create abundant wealth and gain financial freedom through the expert coaching of Mr. Jean Louis. Meeting this man has made a significant impact in my approach to business. RCD means, Reach, Connect, Deliver, these are the most significant areas of every business that runs hand-in-hand, thus, for every part (whether, Reach, Connect, or Deliver) that you improve, profit and productivity will automatically improve too. I have learnt and aligned myself to the RCD Wealth™ Generation Plan and surely, anyone who follows my path will never regret it. It is a sure way to wealth creation.

Services in Ghana, for foreign investors

This is the most interesting part that I want everybody to pay attention to.

For any kind of service you will want to get from us in Ghana, we can deliver. The RCD Wealth has hundreds of services including but not limited to mining (gold and diamond), concierges, general trading, imports and export, consultancy etc.

For mining, the Start Your Own Gold Mine programme will offer the following:

References I recommend to you

Do not miss to read these books!

And I hope you will learn much, as I did and still doing it!

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P.S. I am your trusted concierge in Ghana

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