VMRENTAL Vehicles and Machine Rental Wealth Generation Plan

VMRENTAL Vehicle and Machinery Rental Business Program and Investment

VMRENTAL is the business program for investment and business of rental of vehicles and machinery.

The program is benefiting the international investors who wish to immigrate into African countries.

It is based on an excellent market demand for rental of machinery and vehicles.

This is the alternative investment program that may bring good profits for those businessmen investing into other countries.

For passive investors who seek armchair investment type, this program may bring 30% of the profit on the investment amount. Each 4 months.

For active and engaged investors, they may recover the invested amount already within 3-4 months.

The VMRENTAL business plan and program for rental of vehicles and machinery has been devised by concepts and planning of RCD Wealth that is designing business strategy and tactical planning for variety types of businesses and businessmen.

This business program requires minimal investment of about US $45,000 and may, within 3-4 months of active work, return at least 30% of the investment amount. Repeatedly and each 3-4 months.

4 months are 120 days. This type of investment may bring 200-400 dollars every single day. We are estimating that there may be idle days.

The VMRENTAL business program may be conducted actively with the direct involvement and activity in the business of rental.

Alternatively, it may be conducted as an armchair investment where the investo retains certain control and supervision of the business, and obtains profits out of the delegated management.

Minimal investment amount

The minimal investment amount is US $45,000.

How to get rich without capital?

It is possible to engage in the investment program without any capital.

By doing facilitation and assistance to people who do have vehicles and machinery, and those people who wish to engage in this type of international business, it is possible to earn commissions, and to use the commissions to invest yourself and grow from there.

By earning commission intermediary may grow and obtain wealth. Effort and work is mandatory.

VMRENTAL as active business of rental of vehicles and machinery

Our company RCD Wealth is consulting and business administration company that provides services of international company registration, formation and incorporation, business startup services, startups of gold mining operations, and consulting for gold trading programs with the goal to achieve profits somewhat quicker than it is common.

Our group is consulting clients for trade and rental of vehicles and machinery through the well laid out programs and plans and with the full business support in the countries of the business destination.

We are establishing and providing the international trade route from countries with affordable vehicles and machinery to those countries with the high demand and good market for such goods.

We are consulting our clients from begin to the end of the trade and rental transaction, and teaching them details of the business.

That way a businessman who wish to actively engage in this program VMRENTAL, the rental of vehicles and machinery, has the opportunity to earn more than a double of the invested amount, and in the time frame of few months, with the full return of investment (ROI).

When a businessman wishes to engage actively in this rental program, they are paying our initial startup fee of US $16,000.

The fee is used for company registration in the countries of the business destination, it is used to pay the advance taxes, to obtain the tax ID number, to obtain the address, contacts, local people as assistants, to obtain the license for trade and rental, and importation of vehicles and machinery, and it is also used to get potential clients who ar willing to rent and also buy such vehicles and machinery.

Client is then undergoing the full business training procedure with all the details and warnings.

Details are confidential.

You may meet us face to face and understand the offer as much as it is possible. If you wish to meet us, you need to trael at least 9,000 to 10,000 kilometers. Just the travel arrangement may cost you over US $1,500 including visa and accommodation.

That will be your best investment if you have affinity for international trade, and you wish to immigrate and live in other country.

VMRENTAL business program consists of importing vehicles and machinery to the country of destination, providing the space, registration and insurance for such equipment and connecting to the local businessmen to which such vehicles and machinery may be rented, usually long term.

There is an existing demand on the market in the countries of destination, so the rental of vehicles and machinery is expected to be successful.

Client is then to act with good business manners, and is going to buy and export and import vehicles and machinery as specified and agreed with our company. The full business establishment is provided in the country of business destination.

The goods will be insured in transport and shipped to the destination. The transport time may be well 2 months.

In the country of destination clients will get their own company, and all goods may be shipped to their own company.

It is possible to use the offshore company as purchasing company and the one that is earning profits of rental or other business. Such incorporation is included when necessary.

Vehicles and machinery are then imported in the destination country, the import duties and value added tax is paid, and the business of rental of machinery and vehicles may begin.

Vehicles may be rented every day and for months and by short or long terms.

After the sale, client is paying to our company 10% commission for the assistance on trade, import and sale.

To start in this rental program, it is required to pay the consulting fee of US $16,000 to our bank account.

The rental business is long term business and is suitable for people who wish to live in African countries.

It is quite common sense, that we will be the best partner to our clients, and that we will be helping our clients with the rental opportunities in the country.

The profit that may be earned is double amount of the investment amount within 3-4 months of the active work.

Passive VMRENTAL investment into rental of vehicles and machinery

The passive VMRENTAL Investment Plan for Rental of Vehicles and Machinery is the opportunity for the type of people who wish to open their own company and rental business in such a way that somebody else is managing it for them.

We may manage such rental business for our clients.

Client is then not allowed to interfere in management, yet may have full supervision and overview of the business, including the insight into the accounting transactions.

When we manage such business, it is not possible to replace us as manager, and we may often use Limited Partnership as a method for such arrangements.

Client then may only receive the profits from the business, and cannot manage the business, neither replace the managers.

Minimal investment is US $45,000 and it is required to open and establish the company, purchase, export and import at least one or two such vehicles or machines into the country of destination.

The money is used to lease the land as parking space for vehicles and machinery, and minimally one large machine or vehicle is bought for rental purposes.

Such machine or vehicle is rented out for fees such as US $300 to US $600 per day or more.

Rental is of course repeated from day to day, for months and years to come.

To start in this program, it is possible to send the consulting fee in 3 transactions.

First transaction is US $12,000 for the establishment of the full administration in the destination country. It is used for company registration and all administrative matters.

Client is able and invited to come to the country, and is to receive the accommodation and assistance.

We may open an offshore company to conduct the purchase of the vehicles and machinery.

The next transaction for our consulting fee is to purchase at least one larger vehicle or machine.

The last transaction for our consulting fee is the remaining amount and has to be paid fully onto the company bank account.

Each shipment of vehicles and machinery from Europe or United States or other countries is by means of the sea shipment and shall be insured in transport.

At the destination the vehicles and machinery is going to be registered, insured, and business of rental may begin.

When client is investing passively in the VMRENTAL program for trade of vehicles and machinery, maximum of 30% of the profit amount may be paid to the client, including the Return of Investment or ROI.

The passive investment requires at least 6 months of work or longer, one year is more realistic.

It is possible to import the vehicles, machinery, rent it for 6 months and then to sell it for profits. This is most beneficial method.

This type of company and business shall be separate of other businesses and shall conduct only the transactions of rental or trade of vehicles or machinery.

The partner or client is to have the authority and insight into all transactions, and may be present at the destination, yet cannot interfere with the business management and decisions.

How much you may earn?

With the investment of US $45,000 it is possible to earn the double amount within 3-4 months. Yet in the passive type of investment, only up to 30% of the profit is to be paid to the client or partner.

We are retaining the 70%.

The transactions of trade may be repeated 4-5 times annualy, thus it is possible to earn 4-5 times the 30% of the profit and that may be 30% of the invested amount.

The investment of US $45,000 may give the profit of about US $13500 per quarter of the year. The return of investment may come back, yet not earlier than one year.

If the transactions are repeated 4 times in a year, the investment of US $45,000 may give the total profit even amounting to US $54000.

Example of VMRENTAL investment and profit

We wish to show you the realistic example. Here is the bus that is rented out in the country of business. It has been bought second hand, used, imported and rented on daily basis.

The example of the VMRENTAL investment is following:

  1. Vehicles or machines are to be purchased second hand or in used condition. When purchasing a single vehicle, the expense may be minimally US $20,000. We prefer purchasing such in United Kingdom or in Europe.

  2. The export, transport, insurance, and import may have expense of more than US $10,000 easily.

  3. The establishment of a company and preparation of business requires the rest of the minimal amount of US $45,000.

  4. Once all set up and ready, which may be after 2-3 months of the program startup, the rental may begin. With US $200 to US $600 or more per day, one is then earning consistently moneys and profit.

For what type of businessmen is this VMRENTAL program suitable?

The VMRENTAL program for rental of vehicles and machinery is suitable for those who are already in related trade and rental business, who have knowledge about vehicles, machinery and rental and who wish to immigrate into the country and have a long term business.

As passive investment, this program is good for anybody who wish to obtain good profits on short and long terms with the minimal amount of US $45,000.

The VMTRADE stability through time

The program VMTRADE is considered stable through time for the next 10 years. The trading destination is isolated of the world and may receive vehicles and machinery almost exclusively by sea cargo.

People there are not traveling to other countries and are not aware of the market. The country is in development, and there is high demand for such goods and services of rental.

There is very certain expectation that nothing is going to change during next 10 years in regards of the demand on the market.

Nothing changed since 2012 until 2017, so we do not expect much changes in the next years.

Risks of investment

There is no guarantee for investment into rental of vehicles and machinery as it is business just as any other.

An entrepreneur or enterpriser is someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

You may meet the managers of this program and you may conduct your observation and analysis before the signing of the agreement.

The business and rental is to be conducted in good will and in accordance with the good business diligence.

The assets shall be insured to minimize any risks.

Return of Investment - ROI

The Return of Investment or ROI in this type of business in terms of dissolution of business is not advisable, and we are not providing it.

When speaking of the armchair investment, the client or investor may receive 30% of the profit, and if all is well, such profits may be paid out quaterly. That means that the return of investment may be obtained in less than a year, with some additional profits.

In case of the active businessman doing the rental himself, the return of investment is possible within 4 months of work.

How to get rich?

This program has been designed to get rich. If you wish to get rich, you may use this program and with hard work, sweat, and efforts in the first years, you may get rich.

Those without capital, the intermediaries, they may earn commissions within few months and obtain enough capital to engage in one of the investment programs.

With the capital, some amount of US $45,000 it is possible to make double like US $90,000 within few months of work.

If there is passive investment, it is possible to obtain 30% for each transaction or about US $13,500 for the minimal amount.

With the capital of US $100,000 it is possible to make US $200,000 within a year, and more.

This is a practical program to reach Financial Freedom. It means it is a detailed and written strategic and tactical business plan that has been conducted several times in past.

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