What are some tips I can use to present an idea to an investor?

What are some tips I can use to present an idea to an investor?

Jean Louis

Jean Louis, 7 years managing third party investments

Written Jan 8, 2016

Offering an idea is not enough. You need to have a detailed, precise business plan. Such plan shall include step by step actions that you will do, it should be precise, detailed and definite. It should contain not only strategy, but rather tactical and practical steps on achieving goals and purposes. Once you have made your business plan, you will have a "tip" to present to investor, and that will be a business plan.

The plan may be quite large and not easy to grasp at the first sight. That is why you will make a Summary of the Plan.

Summary alone shall clearly state what investor could gain by engaging in your business. What would be the investment amount, how long time must pass to get a return on investment, and what would be profits, and about feasibility, how such plan would be carried out.

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