How can I increase sales of my services and products in Nairobi, Kenya?

How to increase sales of security, lightning and decoration services and products in Nairobi, Kenya?

I have a company in Nairobi, Kenya since 2013, and provide security products for houses and compounds, decorative furniture, garden and house lightning and compound and house services and products. I have shown you our website and I would like to know how I can increase the sales of services and products in Nairobi, Kenya?

In regards to your website:

Thank you for writing me back.

In my first impression, the website is very nice, it has a lot of information.

However, the world of today is based on mobile devices, people are accessing websites by using mobile phones, mobile tablets, and other mobile devices. The website’s template is not ready for mobile!

That is a big deal, it means, when somebody access it from a mobile device, the readability of a website and its accessibility is poor, and people would be coming and leaving your website.

Please review this Google Page Speed report for your website as it will reveal to you that a website needs improvement. This report may change with the website improvement.

You can also compare the Google Page Speed report for our own website, to see that it can be done.

You are using the Wordpress software. That means that choosing a template for your website is easy matter.

If you already have a webmaster, ask him to choose a mobile ready template, so that website becomes visible, readable, accessible on mobile devices.

You will know it if you click on the Google Page Speed report again, it will give you better results, provided that webmaster has given you better website template.

In regards to your business:

The engineering stuff is great and can be provided to many companies, organizations, embassies, private houses and compounds.

There is little problem with pictures that are there, but not easily accessible and some of them being small, and probably not as visible on mobile devices. That is why I am recommending the work-out of the website itself.

Actually, such work-out you could do by yourself, you are certainly enough skilled to choose various templates.

Such business services and products can be marketed well.

In short this company i started it back in 2013 but so far i haven’t done much, in fact i can say nothing is there to show but yes the company is up to date and ready for any operation so in your position as a startup business consultant what do you suggest for me and what do you think i can start with.

What you need to think of is creating a database of potential clients.

I am constantly involved in creation and generation of new potential leads. Finally, that is how I found you, do you see it?

We work by the formula R-C-D, Reach, Connect, Deliver, that formula is basically routine of the business plan, if the plan is wealth generation plan, formula is bringing wealth about.

The formula says if you increase any of the factors such as Reach, Connect or Deliver, other factors are to automatically increase, and you will be able to easier reach the business plan or wealth.

To increase your Reach means you need to sit down, and figure out, the list of potential clients. Once you figure out the list of potential clients, in Nairobi, as example, you need to inform them about your services. Website itself is just a complementary deliver channel for your message.

If you ask me, I would make a personalized list of potential clients, with their names, or company names, with their addresses, such as physical addresses, and anywhere I would walk in Nairobi, I would be collecting such leads. Because you provide services to improve house and compounds, I would be already looking what can be improved, and would be collecting leads directly from street, if I see a house, missing lighting or security, I would note on the list lightning, security, and their name, company name and address. Location could be recorded on the application in terms of latitude and longitude.

After that, I would go to office or home, and create a sales message, sales letter. I can help you with it. Such sales letter would be automatically created by software, the PDF would be created, and you would print it.

In the database, I would mark or tag the address to have lack of lightning for example, or lack of security features on compound.

The sales letter would address the potential client by telling him, I have passed by your house, and have seen you are lacking some security features, it would address their problem in general description, and also offer them the solution.

Once I have printed all the PDF files, I would hire boys to deliver letters to the potential clients, personally to the house. Boys would have 300-1000 letters with them, addressed to the house owner, or to the company, with the application which tells them exact latitude and longitude of a certain address, they would not be making mistakes.

They would personally deliver the letter, and also be able to explain what I am offering.

I would offer free consultation, so if they call you, I would come to the compound and provide them with the free consultation on how to increase lightning or security services.

All prospects, or potential clients, who have called me for free consultation, or otherwise have shown interest, I would specially take care of and target for sales.

Every week, I would be delivering such letters, which must be well written. Delivery of letters through people is very inexpensive in comparison to the post office. But I would use the post office too.

The number of letters delivered per week, would directly influence the sales.

Sales would not come immediately, they would come with delays. That means, if you miss for any weeks to deliver new letters, you would be creating a new delay in sales generation in future.

Every week, new number of people need to be contacted for sales of your services and products.

And after certain period of time, I would then again contact and address the same recipients, same houses, for example after 2 months.

I can help you with the full implementation of this sales process which has been shown successful in many countries and which can work well for you.

Implementation of this strategy

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