Ethical green hemp for CBD oil available by tonnes year by year direct from farm in Croatia

Ecologically produced hemp for CBD oil production available by tonnes

The ecological hemp production on pesticide free land in Croatia as owned by our partner produces tonnes and tonnes each year.

Price per kilogram starting already with 8 Euro for 1 to 1.5% CBD, up to less than 2% CBD for 14 to 16 euro, more or less.

Inquire for current offers of ethical hemp for CBD oil production direct from farmers.

The hemp is fully legal and certified by Global GAP.

Over 200 hectares of hemp harvesting every year by year.

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We are agent for the Croatian company that produces the ecologically farmed hemp by tonnes and tonnes every year on more than 200 hectares, and growing!

Current offer for hemp 15,000 to 17,000 kilograms

As of 2018-11-26:

We can offer you about 13,000 kg to 15,000 kg of hemp, seeds were extracted from

The price per kilogram is:

1) 1-1.5% CBD = 8-10 Euro per kilogram

2) 1.5-2% CBD = 10-12 Euro per kilogram

3) >2 % CBD = 14-16 Euro per kilogram

4) Seeds per kilogram is about 1 Euro

All of the hemp products are certified by "Global-GAP".

If you are interested in co-operation, it would be a good idea to visit the farm in Croatia.

Media on hemp production from Croatia

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