Offshore Prepaid Credit Card

Bank Account Introduction with Prepaid Debit Card

RCD Wealth offers the Bank Account Introduction with Prepaid Debit Card with international, offshore bank, in confidential jurisdictions such as Latvia, Austria, Switzerland and other offshore banking countries.

We offer effective introduction to the Bank Account Introduction with Prepaid Debit Card or all possible kinds.

Distribution contracts and intermediation for and debit cards

We can offer arrangements for distribution of Prepaid Debit Cards and cards to interested companies with existing membership base or special payment card for retail sales.

Bank Account Introduction with Prepaid Debit Card and Cards

Our introduction to Bank Account Introduction with Prepaid Debit Card has the fee of US $100. That is what you pay to our company. The bank will have separate fees for opening bank account and other payment card fees listed below.

The cards offered with such account are secured by your wished credit limit plus certain amount as described below under fees for particular cards. What does that mean? If you want to have US $20,000 on your Classic payment card, than you must load that amount to the card account plus the fixed amount of US $300 or EUR 250 for security deposit. Exact fees are explained below.

This service is service of introduction, assistance and help to open a real, functional bank account with advantages to have any kind of payment cards such as:

Prepaid (debit) Classic payment card

Prepaid (debit) Classic payment card can be used for all kinds of purchases and ATM withdrawals wherever card is accepted. It is perfect debit card to make online or physical purchases such as paying for goods, withdrawing cash, ordering online traveling tickets, making hotel reservations or renting a car. This Prepaid (debit) Classic payment card can be issued in three or more currencies by your choice, USD and EUR included.

Special fees for Prepaid (debit) Classic payment card are:

Prepaid (debit) Business payment card

Prepaid (debit) Business payment card is available for incorporated companies. It can be used for all kind of payments, especially for business travels, dinners, everyday business and administrative expenses, online shopping, bookint tickets, making hotel reservations, entertainment.

Special fees for Prepaid (debit) Business payment card are general fees as described above, similar to Classic with following:

Prepaid (debit) Gold payment card

This premium Prepaid (debit) Gold payment card is preferred choice by people all around the world, for those who wants more purchasing power and recognition from their payment card. It has much higher spending limits and great purchasing power. You also automatically receive exclusive discount card for discounts on car rental and in exclusive hotels worldwide, together with free of charge insurance package.

Special fees for Prepaid (debit) Gold payment card are:

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