FAQ on Limited Partnerships

Limited Partnerships - Questions And Answers

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions on Limited Partnerships as the company entity for conducting international investments and businesses.

Limited Partnership is a registered partnership where one or more partners invest into the business without having the management rights and retaining the limited liability.

One or more partners are General Partners with their full liability for partnership’s debts and obligations.

In this way the limited partners are protected from liabilities and general partners may retain the control over the business management.

How to register a partnership in U.S.?

Contact our company if you have a need to register Limited Partnership in United States or in United Kingdom.

The registration of a partnership in United States is regulated in the laws about partnerships of each of the states. We can help you register a partnership in United States quickly, efficiently and affordable.

A partnership can be useful business tool for certain business needs.

Can a Limited Partnership have officers?

Limited Partnership structure usually consists officially of partners and not directors nor officers. However, nothing prevents you to call partners officers or to appoint officers or to appoint even directors or call your executives in any manner you like.

For the law, they might remain still partners, but for internal matters, you are free to appoint directors, officers, agents and to use any other executive titles.

What is the limited partnership suffix?

It all depends from country to country. We strive to provide global solutions and to *know all**.

For example in United Kingdom, Limited Partnerships need not have any special suffix, while in some other countries limited partnerships have suffix L.P.

Once we determine where the limited partnership shall be organized, we can tell you exactly what is the requirement in regards to suffix of a limited partnership.

Do I need to register partnership name?

In general, you don’t need to register partnership name. However, it all depends of the law of the country and the type of the partnership. General partnerships usually need not be registered.

But, if you wish to gain limited liability for limited partners, you might have to register Limited Partnership. Or if you wish to gain limited liability for all of the partners, you might need to register Limited Liability Partnership.

Contact us for specific consultation in regards of requirement for registration of partnerships.

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