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Company Registration in Ghana for purposes of foreign investment, gold mining and gold and diamonds trade is a new service for entrepreneurs who wish to connect to Ghana and its beautiful resources.

This type of registration and facilitation in opening a new business in Ghana is for the following types of foreign investors:

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Company Registration in Ghana

In association with RCD Wealth we offer company registration in Ghana for basic fee of US $3,500.

What is included in the service of company registration in Ghana:

  1. Certificate of company
  2. Memorandum & Articles
  3. Certificate to Commence Business
  4. Tax ID certificate
  5. Bank account
  6. License with your help for 2000 dollars extra
  7. One year office setup in Akwatia
  8. For extra 2000, full smelting, assaying and weighing equipment
  9. Personal introduction to local dealers
  10. 15 days follow up and full plan setup to purchase 50-100 kg of gold

Gold and Diamonds Export Licenses

While foreign people are somewhat restricted in doing business in Ghana, with the help of local and trusted assistant, one may gain benefits to inexpensively set up the gold exporting license or diamond exporting license. Instead of paying US $3,500 for the export license for foreigners, one may ask the local assistant, Mr. Frank Boateng to assist with the export. In that case, the licensing fees will be less and affordable.

Certificate of Incorporation of Ghanaian Company

Certificate of Incorporation, Ghana Company

Certificate to Commence Business of Ghanaian Company

Certificate to Commence Business, Ghana Company

Declarations for Registration of Company in Ghana

Declarations for Ghana Company

Capital Details for Company Registration in Ghana

Declarations for Registration of Comapny in Ghana

Company Details, Company Registration in Ghana

Local Assistant and Concierge in Ghana

I have been a trusted concierge for many years with a good reputation from people all over the world who came to visit Ghana.

Frank Boateng, image

My name is Frank Boateng and I from Ghana, West Africa. My hometown is Akwatia, the largest diamond mining district in Ghana with gold deposits as well. People normally call me Franco. I have worked in the Social Development Division of the Local Government Service under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in Ghana.

I was born into a mining community and so naturally, mining is in my blood, head and heart, well experienced in gold and diamond mining and trading techniques. I acquired mining organization and control experience from the Ghana Consolidated Diamonds Ltd (now Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Ltd. G.C.D.G.L) between 2005 and 2009. There I worked for 2 years with the Technical Services Unit (T.S.U) and another 2 years with the Tributers Mining Monitoring Team (T.M.MT) TMMT was in charge of organizing and monitoring the activities of small scale miners who worked on small concession demarcated to the by the company.

The RCD Wealth system has hundreds of services including but not limited to mining (gold and diamond), concierges, general trading, imports and export, consultancy, business services and much more.

Read more how to engage in service of trusted concierge in Ghana and how is gold sold and traded in Ghana.

Order Company Registration in Ghana

Ordering company registration in Ghana for purposes such as general investment, trade, for purposes of engaging in trade of gold or trade of diamonds, including gold mining and diamond mining, please contact RCD Wealth.

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