US Internet Company Registration

US Internet Company Registration

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US Internet Company Registration is special incorporation of US based Limited Liability Company or short LLC for the purpose of quick startup for Internet entrepreneurs and businessmen.

We are helping global businessmen since 2002 to start, open, register, incorporate and maintain their businesses.

Thousands of people have profited after they have started their business with our help and professional assistance.

US Interne Company Registration

Jean Louis, consultant

My name is John Louis, and I am your business startup consultant. Since 2002, I have registered hundreds of businesses for our clients in multiple companies, including in United States.

Internet selling is an activity or business of selling products and services over the internet. Businessman can sell goods and products via the Internet, one can advertise various services through the Internet to receive orders over the Internet, and you may charge your clients and receives money through the Internet and through merchant account.

US Interne Company Registration

Anyone can make sales over the Internet.

Sales over the Internet requires some knowledge, perseverance and then some necessary business resources. We provide all the resources and opportunities that you need to start selling online.

US Interne Company Registration

Sales over the Internet and laws

A trader is any person who sells goods. A trader can also be a legal person, as a company, and it can also be a craftsman or an independent shop. A trader can be a private person who is not in any other way registered with the state. Anyone trading, who buys and sells goods, is considered a merchant.

The laws that apply to ordinary traders who sell on the street or at the store are the same laws that apply to traders who sell over the Internet.

Sales over the Internet do not have to be specifically regulated, because such a sale is similar as well as sales through newspapers. Over Internet the products are advertised, ordered and paid by credit cards and further sold and shipped to customers.

In some countries, like in Germany, the law requires that customers who buy goods over the Internet have the right to return goods within 14 days after purchase. It is usually a good business policy to offer customers a kind of satisfaction guarantee. But companies that are not established in Germany, do not have to abide by German law.

US Interne Company Registration

How much time it takes for the start-up of an Internet business?

You might be wondering how long it takes to start selling online. We are professionals and such start-up we may provide within 72 hours.

That’s it.

Your sales via the Internet may get started within 72 hours. In doing so, it does not matter where you are, what is your state or country and what you do or what previous experience or qualifications you have. It does not matter that you’ve finished school and what degrees you have. You qualify for Internet business. You do need knowledge and persistence.

If you have goods, products, services, and if you have your business intentions in your mind already partially crystallized, if the goods are ready for delivery to customers throughout the world, we can provide all the necessary resources to sell over the Internet within 24 hours.

US Interne Company Registration

What do I need to begin selling over the Internet?

In short, what you need to start selling over the Internet are the following capabilities, resources and conditions:

You must have an idea of what you goods you want to sell. The goods that you own in your name, but you do not need. Can you sell the goods which is located at a third of the company or that the other firm that delivers. You can and you decide to keep such goods in our own warehouse. Especially if the goods or products you already own or you are building, you will find products directly to you. The products will then be sent directly to customers who order such goods over the Internet.

All you need is some kind of business, so that you are registered as a trader. Sales over the Internet can not do without registering, but in this case, it means that the tax authorities may one day you realize that you made some profits and taxes that have not signed up. Although we do not know that it happened to someone, it is possible to get and possibly penalties if you sell over the Internet and have not been registered either as a company that sells or as an independent person. We help businessmen to open their own company to sell over the Internet. Such company that can incorporate and get in a short period of only 24 hours. The company can be anonymous and is usually established in America. For proper business situation is good if you do an analysis of business intentions and if you recommend proper deployment of such a firm.

Next, you need to have the ability to charge credit cards. When we founded the company over, such a charge of credit card more convenient for you part of our service. By credit card, customers will pay for the goods and the money that will be located in a special account services firms in the U.S. or another country, which will then regularly send the money to your bank account.

Once you have collected the money by credit card, the money is still not in your bank account. You will be required to have such an account. We find such an account for the payment of money from the credit card billing, we can provide within 24 hours. One time needs to pass until you get through the mail MasterCard card with which you will remove the money through ATMs. Opening an account with a bank is a service we provide to our customers, who founded the company over us.

You need a MasterCard or VISA card, you can speed to get to the cash from your bank account. These cards are part of our service and you will be supplied for the purpose of selling over the Internet.

Web commerce or Internet commerce is a website that provides an easy and quick overview of the products we sell, and then the credit card billing. We can offer free installation of all types of web store so that you can see with whom you best to know it and to sell their products. Furthermore, we can also offer management or web store, which is paid from € 50 to € 200 or more each month. Web shop that offers free installation offer a web store or online store, you’ll need it to keep yourself under control.

Hosting or web server is a computer on the Internet, which keeps the software from the web store, which handles all the processes and database your web store. These hosting services you can get in our first 6 months free, with the increased consumption of data flow may need to pay a few dollars a month.

Furthermore, the integration or inclusion of charging credit cards in your online store or Internet store, you’ll probably need our help or the help of third companies, so you can connect to your web shop or Internet trading, paid credit card.

If this firm to charge credit card does not provide by itself, you will need a security certificate so that the credit card data is transmitted as a security bond and that there can be no abuse of credit cards.

Marketing is perhaps the most important thing that you need for a good sale over the Internet. We can provide the best marketing methods, as well as joining a network of resellers to your continuing to advertise in exchange for a certain fee.

US Interne Company Registration

What services you get with US Internet Company Registraton?

US Internet Company is our new service for creating a business suitable for online businessmen who want within 72 hours to start selling online.

US Interne Company Registration

Conditions for service

There are certain conditions or conditions under which we can provide the above services for US Internet Company, and these are as follows:

US Interne Company Registration

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