International Debt Recovery Services

Getting your debtors to pay their bills can be a difficult and time-consuming activity. But it’s something all businesses have to confront from time to time.

RCD Wealth undertake the international debt recovery process for commercial clients on a competitive basis (15% - 25%). Our debt recovery solicitors can organise pressure on debtors at all stages of the collection process including:

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Sending letters before action

Writing to your debtor ill be the first step in our action to recover your unpaid debt.

In such letter we will tell them:

We will warn them about what we will do next. This can be for example to issue a court claim to recover the debt.a

Our letter will be a polite but firmly-worded letter, which lays out all the details of the debt clearly, which is often enough to encourage the debtor to pay.

Phone and letter contact

When we receive your informations we begin immediately to collect your money. We use a proven combination of letter and phone communications designed to persuade your debtor to honor their obligation. Our communications are always in accordance with the fair debt collection practices. We begin our collection efforts immediately and make sure to be in touch with your debtor within 24 hours of receiving and accepting your order.

How to start with International Debt Recovery

Our international debt recovery service helps our clients to recover debts regardless of where they, their debts or their debtors are located.

We work on a contingency basis: no collection, no fee.

We keep you promptly informed of all developments with your accounts. Our personal interaction with you improves our results.

Our Operational Officer and attorney and worldwide network of legal partners are highly motivated by our contingency fee structure to reclaim the maximum possible amount due to you.

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