Are you jealous? Get a life!

Are you jealous? Get a life!

Why is it that people who are not successful look down on those who are? Because they are not intelligent enough to know any better.

Jealous and envious people need help, as they have serious problems in their past, rendering them unsuccessful sometimes for the entire of their life.

Mr. John

As long as you are nobody in your society and your environment, it is lesser chance that you will ever have to deal with envious and jealous people.

Once you start growing as a person, and expanding your business, and becoming more and more successful, there are chances to observe the phenomenon of jealous and envious people ranting and raving about you, but in reality, rendering them even more unsuccessful.

You may get confronted with the obsessive type of personality, trying to discredit you for just what you are, without any acknowledgment or confirmation of your results you give to your family and your society.

You may meet people trying to make you trouble by their ill-willed sabotage, and you might even find those which try to imitate you, and copy your business, your words, and your lifestyle.

Some of them may expose themselves with open antagonism, and they become very mean and try to openly hurt you, yourself, your business, your family and any member of your group you may belong to.

They are usually low life personality, and may not keep a direct eye contact with you, and will avoid any direct confrontation.

As a matter of fact, envious and jealous people may try to do and do some harm to you and your family, and of course, you should learn how to handle the situations when you get attacked by envy and jealousy.

One of the true methods to handle situation when you are attacked by envious and jealous people is to simply follow your life and continue being prosperous in your life and business, and to continue to flourish and prosper. And THAT is what drives such envious and jealous people truly mad.

Further, with their own overt actions, they render themselves completely unsuccessful in life, their business and usually make more harm to themselves and their business and family then to yourself.

We shall feel sorry for them, but don't spend much time on them, but spend more time on helping yourself to continue being successful.

Learn on how to handle envious and jealous people, by reading the non-religious moral code based on common sense, about restoring decency, trust and respect, the Way to Happiness book by L. Ron Hubbard:

Learn about the last precept in that book, Flourish and Prosper on this YouTube video:

And further, I may point to some other videos which may give you more information on how to handle jealousy and envy:

I hope you find the information useful for you.

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P.S. Jealous and envious people are watching you

Jealous and envious people are watching you

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