RCD Accounting Services

RCD Accounting Services


As part of our business services, we serve our clients with efficient and smart company formation services. Company formation represents usually the first steps into business. One of the most important issues to address immediately upon company formation is the question of accountancy or bookkeeping, and we would like to be given the opportunity to assist the clients with accounting requirements.

RCD Accounting offers full range of financial services to small and medium companies. Such services include:

We offer a personal, efficient and cost effective service and will quote on a fixed fee basis. As an example, for a normal, one man company, our fee would be US $1,200 to include the following work:

As an incentive we are prepared to reduce this fee to US $950 for the first year of the company that becomes a client within three months of the incorporation.

We also take great care to advise on tax planning opportunities and would be prepared to undertake a tax analysis on your business and you personally, free of charge.

If you need to discuss any of the potential problems, please contact us.

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