Your Children on Internet and Privacy Rights

Children, Internet and Privacy Rights

Stop abusing your children's privacy!

It is simple message. But if you have children, or you have friends with children, tell them.

Stop abusing your children's privacy!

Stop Abusing Your Children's Privacy


You are blatantly abusing your children's privacy. Stop abusing your children's privacy.


Your Child Has Privacy Rights


Every child has privacy rights too. Do you think that his/her privacy rights belong to you because you are parent? And if they belong to you, you then imply that your child is not a person with all the rights like you are.

One day, your child will become famous actor, artist, politician, or maybe not so famous, but he or she will work in the public office, or will hold an important position or become professional. Do you really want that someone comes out in public with, then not so "cute" or "nice", wrongly interpreted pictures? That can ruin the whole life of your child.

I have seen numerous people on Facebook, and further on Flickr, and other social networking websites, placing children's images, and showing and exposing their families to the not so known public.

The deception that Facebook pictures are shown or exposed only to friends is just that, deception and illusion. Virtually anyone can become your online friend. How do you know that person is really the one that claims to be? Maybe it is friendly appearing enemy, financial predator, or police investigator, tax inspector or your worst nightmare.

Do you really want your children's pictures exposed online and given to just anyone?

You, as a parent, you have responsibility, to uphold and protect your children's privacy.

And not to be the first to abuse your children's rights.

Ask For Permission, Ask With True Permission

Do you mind if anyone in your family takes YOUR PICTURES without permission and publish them in the manner they like? Will you feel truly happy about it? Or you would maybe have rights about that?

So do children have rights!


Then, stop bloody abusing their rights.

If you wish to place images of your children, make sure they know the possible impact, risks and dangers of placing images on Internet. Once they know about impact, risks and dangers about placing images on Internet, only then ask them for permission. Even then, be careful and thoughtful about placing images of children on Internet. As they have rights too.

You don't want your children abusing you when they grow up. Take care of them now. Spare yourself troubles.

If you have not ask them, don't publish your children.

If you are not professional publisher, if you don't know what you do, and I bet you don't know, then please don't play with your children's rights.

Stick to Offline Photograph Sharing

Try thinking. Earlier, before the Internet was so popular, people were not sharing images of closest family in newspapers, on TV and they did not publish images of their children on billboards. Especially not images of:

Try thinking. Why people have been showing photographs only to close family members and close friends? BECAUSE OF PRIVACY SENSE. Right. Because they had strong and stable privacy sense.

They did not print out pictures of children in thousands and distributed images on flyers by airplane.

If you find yourself now abusing your children's rights, by placing their images on Internet, placing naked, half-naked, family, home images on Internet, without asking your children permission, you are blatantly abusing their privacy rights.

You have to work on your sense for privacy.

Start now, and you will have children behaving better when they grow up.

Stick to old fashioned, photograph showing at home, while drinking coffee, laughing and actually having real fun with your family and your best friends.

You will have better life.

Get a life.

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