Reasons not to use Skype

Reasons not to use Skype

This page has been written based on the information shown on the website of Mr. Richard Stallman, named Reasons not to use Skype. Stallman has presented several reasons not to use Skype, however, there many more.

  1. First reason, reason number one not to use Skype is the simple fact that the software does not offer freedom to the user. There is no source code publicly available that users can know what the program is doing on the computer. Users cannot modify the software to run it as they want. Further, they are not allowed to distribute, sell, copy the Skype software as they wish. If you don’t know what the software is doing on your computer, why would you trust it? It is advisable to apply the free software philosophy to any kind of software. It does not matter how convenient it may be for some users to speak with business partners and friends, but without freedom to review what the software is exactly doing, users are giving up on their privacy and private life.

    A computer program shall be free software as only so it may respect the users and their life, privacy and business. When we mention free we refer to freedom to control the execution of program, the freedom to review the software, to know what it is doing on the computer, to run it as the user wish, to modify it and distribute copies of the software. Sharing is human nature. Companies that forbid the people to share the software, divide the people, their friends and families. That is the biggest and most important reason not to use Skype. Free software is even more important now, then before.

  2. Skype is part of the PRISM surveillance program. That is one more good reason not to use Skype. According to media sources, The United States National Security Agency (NSA) collects and may spy on any information belonging to users of Skype. As Skype now belongs to Microsoft, and Microsoft is based in the United States, the NSA may spy on the communication worldwide, of whoever is using Skype. And they are apparently doing it.

  3. Eavesdropping by design is one more reason not to use the Skype. According to Wikipedia, the Chinese, Russian and United States law enforcement agencies have the ability to eavesdrop on Skype conversations, as well as have access to Skype users' locations. This ability was introduced by Microsoft after they purchased Skype back in 2011.

  4. If you use Skype, your contacts may now be exposed

  5. Skype Won’t Say Whether It Can Eavesdrop on Your Conversations which is a good reason not to use Skype at all. A company that cannot reveal if they spy or not spy on their users, is a company that cannot be trusted.

  6. Read the article Did Skype Give a Private Company Data on Teen WikiLeaks Supporter Without a Warrant? and figure it out yourself, is it maybe another good reason not to use Skype. Do you value the democraticy and human rights over surveillance machine named Skype? When did you give up your privacy and democratic rights?

  7. Skype changes under Microsoft, and not for the better, when users are cheated on the Skype network and their money and credit cards abuses, Skype refuses any responsibilities.

  8. Microsoft made it easier to provide Skype chats and user data to police. While this may apparently seem that it does not concern you, you never know why and how you may be involved in police or government surveillance, regardless if you are innocent. The surveillance affects many many innocent people all over the world. Many have lost friends and good relations with families due to being falsely accused.

  9. Think your Skype messages get end-to-end encryption? Think again as that is yet another reason not to use Skype.

  10. Microsoft Snoops In Skype. Microsoft can’t be trusted with Skype. There is simply no reason to trust Skype when it is clear that it is used to read your conversation, chats, locations of your friends. Why would you give up your privacy and life to unknown people located in Microsoft or governments of the world?!

  11. Once again Microsoft is reading Skype messages and that is damn good reason not to use Skype.

  12. There are numerous flaws and potential flaws with Skype that you may find on Wikipedia with nice references.

  13. Skype is centralized communication system. That means that only users who do use Skype, can contact other users on Skype. Imagine that your mobile phone provider requires you to contact only people who have the same mobile phone provider. Would that limit your freedom of communication? In contrast to that, there are federated communication networks without centralized authority, that give to users freedom to communicate with each other from different networks.

  14. And the reason number 13, Skype is fucking SHIT now.. And yes, that makes no sense, that if you want to use Skype, that you automatically get a Microsoft account. Who want to be tracked by Microsoft?! Me certainly not!

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