Description of RCD Real Estate Agent Position

What is RCD Real Estate Agent?

The RCD Real Estate Agent is agent of RCD Wealth ( who visits real estate properties, signs up agreements, collects pictures and media and report documented properties back to RCD Wealth.

Properties are entered into the RCD Notes for Emacs Database and from there on advertised and used to collect sales leads and generate sales.

Agent is sent on projects as written and prepared by RCD Wealth and manager Mr. Jean Louis. Thus RCD Real Estate Agent does not act on its own but provides personal services to RCD Wealth.

Payment for RCD Real Estate Agent

There are two types of payments for the RCD Real Estate Agent, the initial payment and the commission payment.

Agent is considered partner in the real estate agency business.

The initial payment for RCD Real Estate Agent

The initial payment is paid for properly reported real estate properties. Payment fees depend of the country to country where agent is located, and it also depends of agent's skills and production statistics.

Travel expenses and food on travel is paid.

Commission Payment for RCD Real Estate Agent

Commission payment for agents is paid after the sale of real estate property at the time point that we receive our commission. It is minimum 1% of the sale amount and it could be more.

For active involvement and engagement to get the buyer for real estate the payment fee is 30% of our profit.

Agent's Obligations

1. Agent acts by RCD Wealth Business Policies and observe legalities at all times.

2. Agent acts by written projects, written assignments or tasks.

3. Agent has to cooperate with local authorities.

4. Agent signs agreements in front of member of local authorities.

5. Agent is to report locations, pictures, images, relationships, contacts, and other relevant information related to real estate property.

RCD Wealth's Obligations

1. We write and assign projects and tasks to RCD Real Estate Agent.

2. We receive reports from RCD Real Estate Agent.

3. We us information to market and sell real estate properties.

4. We pay expenses and initial payments to RCD Real Estate Agent.

5. We inform agent of any sales of properties.

6. When properties are sold we pay commissions to agent.

How to become RCD Real Estate Agent?

1. Informally apply to become RCD Real Estate Agent by contacting RCD Wealth

2. You will get the first assignment with following instructions: Find five real estate property owners and their phone numbers in your neighborhood and report it back to me. There will be small fee paid for your report.

3. In the next step, you will get assigned to talk to person of authority in your neighborhood to help with completion of contracts with property owners. There will be small fee to get agreement with such person.

4. Then you will get legal documents and contract to be used with property owners, including the instructions how to explain what we are doing in our business. You will print documents and prepare your RCD Real Estate Agent pack to carry with you.

5. In the next step, you will ask a property owner to sign the agreement so that we can market and sell the real estate property for commission awards. You will assess the property and register basic information with its pictures and video in our database.

The whole process is then repeated and your obligations are expanded as you progress forward.

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