SOLD - Danish Business For Sales - Ink Refill Business in Denmark For Sale

Danish Business For Sales - Ink Refill Business in Denmark For Sale


Danish ink refill business of more than 20 years is now offered for sale for the fee of about US $39,000 or 35,000 euro, or 260,000 DKK or Danish krona. The business has over 50,000 clients and buyers of refilled ink cartridges and printer supplies and yearly income of about 50,000 euro or about US $55,000 or 370,000 DKK or Danish krona. Full database of clients, including the 20 years old web site, and material, ink cartridges, tools, gadgets, magazine furniture, and printer supplies is being sold altogether.

This business is good opportunity for immigrants to Denmark or neighboring countries such as Sweden or Germany.

For non-EU residents, this business may be an entry to EU residency.

For EU residents this business may be continued almost from any EU country, provided that you are willing to serve the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Greenland (Denmark) area.

You may find this page on our RCD Wealth website.

With the investment of 35,000 euro or about US $39,000 you may get back about 50,000 euro within one year and thus complete return of investment (ROI).

This business is for sale for 35,000 euro or 260,000 DKK or Danish krona.

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Information about the ink-refill business

Full and complete, running ink-refill and printer supplies business is being sold in Denmark with more than 20 years of operation.

  1. More than 20 years of operation, including the web site worth at least 10,000 euro with the priority in all search engines. The business has little competition in Denmark and serves Denmark, Sweden, Greenland (Denmark), and Norway.

  2. Business has over 50000 clients in the database, that means that the sole and proper usage of the database may generate new 50,000 to 200,000 euro. Full training and advice on usage of the database will be provided by RCD Wealth.

  3. Business is selling ink-refill cartridges, printer supplies, computer suppliers, and similar accessories.

  4. Full database of suppliers will be conveyed to the new owner, with the training and instructions for business operation. New owner will be able to continue the business operation without the interruption.

  5. Business is being sold due to the retirement of the owner. Currently, it does not work with full capacity and is earning 50,000 euro per year. With the full focus and capacity, this business may generate even about 100,000 euro per year. Accounting, bank accounts, orders and all details will be provided as part of the due diligence for verification of these statements.

  6. Full stock of ink-refill cartridges is being sold, including the tools, materiel and what you may see on pictures.

  7. We will help the new business owner to find the proper business premises or house premises, from where this business may operate. It may be in the same city of Denmark, other city, or other city in other neighboring country, such as Germany or Sweden.

  8. Competition is low in Denmark, and market is demanding inks for printers, thus this business has certain sustainability in future.

  9. Business is a sole-proprietorship, and may be incorporated for immigrants who wish to obtain residency in Germany, Denmark or Sweden.

Ink-refill business for sale in Denmark


To purchase this business, contact our company. You may be able to verify all the facts on the spot and by meeting the business owner. The stock, magazine, accounting, bank account you may control and verify on the “face of the place”. The term “face on the place” comes from a Balkan area and is a funny way to say “on the spot”.

This business is giving earnings immediately, as orders are coming every week, and people are ordering ink-refill and printer supplies.

It is being sold due to the retirement of the owner and physical inability to continue running the business.

This ink-refill business may be conducted from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Noway or Finland and Greenland (Denmark), that is also opening an opportunity for immigrants to obtain residency in the mentioned countries.

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