Partnership in Personal Advertising

Partnership in Personal Advertising

Partnership in personal advertising is business sales process whereby our side as partner is providing business services or products and you as partner in advertising contact and approach your personal connections with our advertising offer. Any person introduced to our business is counted under your name carefully for the purpose of receiving commissions. Commissions start with 10% and thus may amount from few dollars to few hundreds of dollars for each service. We keep engaging you in communication with your personal connections, and you become our direct agent. Your agreement and instructions will be sent upon your acceptance to enter this partnership in personal advertising.

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Sales Process for Partnership in Personal Advertising

  1. We have to meet face to face or online through Internet and talk about this sales process until it is fully understood.

  2. We prepare your personalized website page where you are presenting yourself with picture, your and our contact information, and list of services that you are presenting and promoting to your personal connections. Any necessary information is included on such website.

  3. You will provide us with the accurate number of your connections in your address book or social networking applications.

  4. Then you start advertising through all and any available communication lines to all of the personal connections you know without any exceptions. Without any exception means exactly that. We do not wish to argue about who is who and why some person should not know about what business you are doing. Our principle is to reach more, as to connect more, as to deliver more with purpose to generate wealth. Any thoughts preventing to reach people we consider rather counter productive.

    Your personalized message will be short, it may look something like following:

    • Hello there, since last month, I have become agent for RCD Wealth and helping people get residency services in Europe and USA. Just click on the website and review if any of those services are good for you, and maybe it is good for your friends and associates. Then let me know if you or your friends need any help and feel free to call me back on my number +1234567890 at any time.

    We may sell various services, so the above message is just an example. A hyperlink will be provided that is personalized with your own picture and contact information. Such personalization serves the purpose of understanding that you are genuinely connected to our business.

  5. You will get some feedback from personalized advertising, those are sales leads or possible customers. As soon as you see that you have got a sales lead you will report contact information of that person to our database and person will be registered under your name.

  6. At that time point, from our side, from business side, we may send information to sales lead. This information usually demands some questions to be answered. You will be informed of our information. And you will then get a task or assignment to follow up with sales lead or potential customer personally.

  7. You will personally call or contact that customer and demand questions to be answered. This process may continue for as long as all issues of business have been resolved.

  8. Once all questions have been answered, we will send an offer to potential customer.

  9. Once all issues have been resolved customer may order our service and pay.

  10. You receive your commission and follow up with support for customer.

  11. We deliver service and follow up with support for the customer.

Which services may be sold?

We may sell services related to gold mining, mining machines, company registrations, residency services, new citizenships, business establishment, seed cleaning, trade of agricultural goods and similar.

Who is to pay expenses of personalized advertising?

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  1. We will pay expenses of Internet, calls and SMS messages or other expenses of personalized advertising.

  2. We will pay for the work time the average daily fee.

  3. Commission will be paid upon sales of services. Sometimes clients come back after many months with their orders. This partnership is valuable as it helps other people with our services and also provides benefits to you over period of time.

Estimated Potential and Opportunity

I am well aware that many of my friends and associates cannot easily estimate the potential and most of time will underestimate the opportunity. The underestimation of the opportunity is the main reason for people to give up. This is what I call lack of motivation. Lack of motivation comes due to the attitude of knowing it all instead of engaging in business and doing some improvement in your life. This page is not for that type of people.

Opportunity is there to sell services and goods in 12 months worth US $100,000 and more. This means you could make at least 10% commission and earn US $10,000 and more in one year.

Do not underestimate the opportunity.

Partnership Agreement

If you wish to accept this partnership offer, please contact me back with your request. You will receive the partnership agreement for review, we will both sign it and then proceed with the business as described.

Jean Louis

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