Mining site preparation plan for citizens of East Africa

Mining site preparation plan for citizens of East Africa

Mining site preparation plan for citizens of East Africa engages skilled or people willing to become skilled into the preparation of a legal mining site and future business. This strategic plan is described as offer to citizens of East Africa who wish to participate in preparation of mining investments.

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Purpose of the plan

The purpose of this plan is to establish several legal companies in East Africa and engage in mining business. Companies are meant to mine for gold or other minerals and sell for profit. Participants are people and citizen of East African countries who assume either active or passive role in the business administration and receive benefits.

Definitions of words

Who qualifies for this business plan?

People who qualify for this business plan are citizens of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya or other neighboring East African countries. Please contact us to find out which country has the priority and focus of doing business.

Personal qualifications are:

How are people chosen for the plan?

Currently me, Jean Louis, I choose people by my personal capricious decision after having enough of impression that person is literate and able to think for oneself and wish to improve life conditions.

I may choose people for this business simply because I think a person is beautiful, or ugly, or person is skilled, or person needs support, or I may choose a person because I see that person wants to improve in life. Maybe person is my friend or woman with child that has hard time in life, maybe it is hard working hardware man. Maybe person is an adult orphan or otherwise humble person from village, or maybe a student in need of better life. It is solely my decision how I choose people.

The choice of people is paramount to qualification of the person. I can train and teach the average literate person to understand every detail of this plan and that is what we do in several meetings.

Relationship impact policies

There are certain policies in this plan that are to be followed by each of the parties:

  1. Person has to know how to present oneself as being participant in this plan. For this reason we provide the brief sheet which person may learn the terminology and proper professional presentation.

  2. At each inquiry to the participant, such has to obtain full contact information of the inquirer and send it to the management.

  3. Participant has to enter into this business with separation of relations in mind. This means that no relation between the participant and family members or friends or other associates shall be ruined or damaged by participating in this plan.

  4. The business plan shall remain intact, shall be preserved and protected from the impact of outside relationship conditions of the participant. If any of personal relationships become destroyed during the plan, such should not impact the business plan.

  5. Private relation to Mr. Jean Louis should not be impacted by this plan. Friendship or no friendship, this plan shall remain in place despite personal agreements or disagreements.

Is this plan legal?

Our business plan is legal.

If any person wish to analyze this plan for legality the challenge shall be done in the following fair manner:

  1. Local citizen who wish to verify the legality may find the qualified lawyer or attorney.

  2. Invitation shall be sent to our side so that all three parties are present, the attorney or lawyer, the local citizen and Mr. Jean Louis or other representative from our side.

  3. Only by having all parties present the attorney or lawyer will be able to make questions about the business plan and will be able to analyze it for legality.

We do not appreciate negative comments by people not qualified to analyze this plan.

Legal role of a citizen of East Africa

The legal roles undertaken by participants in this plan are following:

  1. Possible minority shareholder in a company registered for this plan.

  2. Director in the same company.

  3. Possibly also Secretary position in the same company.

  4. Manager or Communication and Reporting Officer I/C in the company.

  5. Prospecting and Reporting Officer

  6. Organization Executive Secretary, JLCO Executive Secretary or Executive Director.

Passive and active participation

Local citizen participates at beginning in a passive manner as there is no work place to attend. In beginning we are concerned with the establishment of a company and provision of legal requirements for a company to obtain mining licenses and engage in the business.

If a participant so desires and shows intention then person is free to participate actively. Active participation is awarded with more benefits and practical payments or employment.

Benefits for citizens of East Africa

Benefits consists of personal support or business support, education, employment, practical payments, payments or dividends or private benefits.

Practical payment for the participant who has position of a minority shareholder and directory is US $100 convertible to local currency upon the company incorporation.

Another US $100 is paid upon the approval of the first specific mining license for the company.

If company does no business during the year, for each subsequent year participant is paid US $200 during the year.

Participants are invited to engage in educational programs as offered by company or third party organizations.

Participants are paid accommodation, food and travel expenses on any projects that require their physical presence.

When a project start, passive participants are paid dividends out of the mining site project activities.

If there is a sale of the business, participant is paid the dividend share part of the sale amount.

Practically explained if company makes 2 grams per day the participant is expected to receive some 100-200 dollars per month. We do not intend to make only 2 grams per day.

I consider this investment to be superior to more expensive real estate investments.

Description of participation in the plan

  1. Participant conducts first meeting with Mr. Jean Louis at a place convenient for learning.

  2. Offer is brought up and any questions are clarified face to face.

  3. Participant is then assigned to the specific team.

  4. Participant promises to complete the Preliminary Communication Preparation Project during the initial period.

  5. Meeting is scheduled with other team member and team members spend some time together in friendly activities to know each other better.

  6. Any questions are clarified and solved during the team meetings.

  7. Participants sign their agreements with the management.

  8. Documents for company registration are prepared, participants sign their corresponding parts and company is registered, participants get paid.

  9. Participants apply for the online access to mining site portal and apply for the preliminary license.

  10. When all resources, material and capital is ready, company applies for the actual mining license and starts its operation. Participants get paid.

Those participants who decide to actively engage themselves are awarded with more benefits and paid more. Those who remain passive receive their payments as agreed in writing.

Resources and materials are provided

  1. All documents and forms are prepared by the management. Participants need not have previous knowledge, but they are invited to learn and analyze it.

  2. One copy of all documents have to be kept by participant at their place.

  3. All obligations of participants are assisted and supported by the management so that they become easy to fulfill.

  4. All resource and materials are provided by the management.

How to apply for Mining site preparation plan for citizens of East Africa?

Send email to our business or contact Mr. Jean Louis by any means. You will receive further information and appointment for the first meeting.

Jean Louis, potpis

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