RCD Wealth Investor Scout Service

RCD Wealth Investor Scout Service

RCD Wealth Investor Scout Service is a tailor made business service for emerging companies and organizations in need of investment. Finding the investor requires Know-How that has evolved from decades of experience in our business. Efficient business administrative skills and communication and relationships with international businessmen is our service for companies and organizations seeking the investment. We know how to do it.

You may be in situation to need or seek investments. You are at the right place, though we cannot promise to be able to help you.

All our services and business steps related to Investor Scout Service are pre-paid services.


Requirements for Investor Scout Service

  1. Provide Lean Business Plan with clear demand for finances, offer to investor and how to realize the business. If you cannot provide Lean Business Plan, see below our services of assessment of your business.

  2. Your investment proposal has to correspond to investors' needs. For example, if you are proposing 5% interest per year in your country of residency e.g. Uganda, while standard interest rates in such country like Uganda are minimum 6.5% then your investment proposal will make little sense, as keeping money in a bank involves much less risk then investing in your business. If you seek investment of US $500,000 and you are offering only 10% per year, that may be too little, as compared to some construction projects where investors recieve so much more. So please be considerate but also very realistic on what you can offer to investor for the funds you need.

  3. Provide full documentation evidencing facts in the Lean Business Plan. If you cannot for some reasons provide full documentation related to Lean Business Plan, we will not be able to determine and ascertain of facts of your business. We may ask you to conduct assessment steps before offering you the Investor Scout Service.

  4. Qualified Business Administrator is requirement on your side, as you cannot enter business negotiations without qualified staff member who can understand our side, your side, and transmit information between each other properly. If you do not have such business administrator or translators, you may use our recruitment service and we may quickly help you finding such person!

Assessment Steps before Investor Scout Service

Before we may engage with the actual Investor Scout Service for you and before we may find the investor, we want to assure of the facts of your business. This is for reason that what we tell to investor must be the truth and fact as how it is on the ground and in reality.

We provide exclusively accurate information to our clients, partners, shareholders, and nothing else.

For this reason we have to assess your business and find out all issues that matter and form facts out of it.

Preliminary verbal and documentary assessment

The first meeting fee will be US $55 or equivalent in your local currency.

If you are meeting us by introducer, that fee will be shared with the introducer. It covers our expenses of pizza and cakes for family, together with juices and our travel expenses up to 5 km in the town. If your meeting place is more far, you have to pay for any of our travel, accommodation, food expenses and maybe also daily fees.

At the first meeting we will meet and verbally assess your business conditions, we may ask you about your current and past activities in the company, how is your company organized and managed, and if we are visiting your company many of questions may be answered by our own observation. We want to make sure of facts, and we will be asking you questions to ascertain the facts of your business or organization’s activity whatever those may be. Provide truthful information and stick to facts. We are with you to help you. Provide correct information for correct assessment of the problem at the hand.

During the verbal and documentary assessment at the first meeting we will give you the advise that you have to put in your notes. Advise will be related to information that you have to gather and provide as requirement to provide you with the Investor Scout Service.

We will meet again once you have that information as given on the first meeting, or you may decide to engage our full assessment of your business.

Full Business Assessment for Lean Business Plan

Full business assessment is paid project on your behalf to assess your business resources. Before determining the fee for full business assessment, we may need to meet again, and that means paying again $55 fee and for us to assess and note down places we have to visit, resources to inspect and people to talk to.

Next following business day you will get the project budget, as that will be the money amount that you have to have to complete full business assessment.

There will be management fee of US $600 for each 7 days of project supervision.

After the project supervision, we will produce the report of the assessment.

We may, by our sole decision, decide to prepare the Lean Business Plan which may be used to present your business to investors, provided that you wish to engage in Investor Scout Service.

We may, by our sole decision, inform you that you need to provide business plan and which information from report of assessment has to be used in such plan.

And you may also decide to take our paid service to make your Lean Business Plan for presentation to investors. At this point after the full business assessment, such business plan fee will never be more than US $200.

Investor Scout Service

Once you satisfy basic requirements for Investor Scout Service or once we have finished Preliminary Verbal And Documentary Assessment or Full Business Assessment for Lean Business Plan, your business may be found to qualify for Investor Scout Service.

Current fees for Investor Scout Service are as following and consists of two stages, the first stage being efficient reach to investor who qualify for your business which may last either 3 months or 6 months, and the follow-up connection, communication and enlightening process that may last and has to be undertaken also after the initial promotional period.

Investor Scout Service consists of targeted connection of your business to investors who qualify to your investment need.

Investors come from our target area of Europe and United States. People of various nationalities may contact us from those areas. We connect to about 70% of men and about 30% women with average monthly salary of over $5300, whereby majority of people are from 55 years and older, and whereby majority of the target group are interested in financial and investment services. Our total reach is over 300,000 in paper form to final investors.

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